Versatile, professional and confidential Russian

Language Services Maine Interpretation:

- Conferences, seminars, meetings;

- Court, medical and field settings;

- In-Person;

- Over-the-Phone.

Written Translations from Russian into English:

- Medical scientific papers, documents, notices.

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Consecutive interpretation for Yusup Kamalov - Aral Sea

Russian Language Services Maine

Simultaneous interpretation at a business meeting

Wilderness interpretation, Zabaikalsky National Park, Russia

Site visit for Moscow Conference

Whisper interpretation during laboratory tour

"I hired Karin several times as a Russian-English editor and she was always very meticulous and detail oriented. Her success in establishing her own business must be attributed largely to her self-discipline and perseverance."                                                                                                                                  ~ Igor Vesler, Diken Research

Interpreting for Siberian tiger anti-poaching team

Russian Far East​​