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  NASA (International Space Station Program)

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  United States Energy Association (USEA)
  Global Survival Network & Phoenix Fund
  Former Institute for Soviet American Relations (ISAR)
  Cultural Geographer, Michael Tripp, Ph.D.

  Pacific Interpreters, a LanguageLine Solutions Co.

"I spent some time trying to find a reliable Russian translating service that I could trust with several Russian-language scientific papers, and on a tight budget for my medical research project. When I received a quote from Karin from Russian Language Services Maine I was pleasantly surprised that it was within our budget. Karin was very accommodating of my time schedule and made my project a priority in order to meet my deadline. These papers were very technical, but her work was excellent and the finished products read like original publications. Karin allowed me to move forward with my research project in a timely fashion. Highly  recommended. " ​                                                                   ~ Jim, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Karin V. Elliot  Whitney


"Karin served as NLSC interpretation team leader in Kyrgyzstan. Her outstanding professionalism and personal support made the whole experience a success. I hope Karin will continue leading various interpretation teams at different assignments. Her optimism is contagious, she is terrific to work with, and I look forward to working with her again."​            ~​ Liliya Robinson, Court Certified InterpreterInterpreter Trainer